User Behavior Analytics Solution

The Avalanchio provides customers a complete solution to collect, process, and analyze real-time data to analyze user behavior, emerging trends, gaps and provides insights, recommendations and actionable alerts.

Solutions and Services

Log Storage and Analysis

Designing a hotel lobby, a customer care center, or maybe even an airport, we’re all ears.

Cloud Service Monitoring

Cloud monitoring is a method of reviewing, observing, and managing.

Asset Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a critical process for determining and tracking the money trails of a company.

Identity Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a term used in Identity Management for recognizing changes to Identity attributes.

Process Description

A process description is a set of information that describes the characteristics of a process.

VPN Analytics Solution

Routes all of your internet activity through a secure, encrypted connection.

DLP Solution

Security tools that help organizations to ensure that sensitive data.

Professional Services

Plan for a long term, sustainable success with our field expertise, domain knowledge and product knowledge.


We provide training to accelerate the adoption of the Avalanchio platform and reduce the learning curve.

Security Data Hub

In Data Hub, the indicates the accessibility of a registered data source.

Your security is our concern

Why Avalanchio ?

The Avalanchio platform gives you a complete solution to collect, process, and analyze security data to detect threats in real-time and analyze historical data using security DSL (domain-specific language) or SQL. You can deploy Avalanchio on the cloud or at your data center. Send data to the secure platform over HTTPS using Avalanchio Agent or SDK and take advantage of the easy-to-use UI to analyze your data and set up rules that would trigger in real-time when data comes onboard.

Product Features


Data Ingestion and Transformation

Transforms the data to bring meaning to any raw data


Streaming and Processing

We use streaming framework to process the data in near real time



We can search any data raw or enrich and see the super enrichment view



Transforms the data to bring meaning to any raw data


Stable Environment

Components are redundant to give stable environment with high resilience



We support granular auditing for changes to the application settings. We can optionally turn on auditing for table records custom objects


Scalable Design

Components are designed, used and developed to scale on distributed cluster


Connectors to Data Lake

We have connectors to move the data to any existing Data Lake or any cloud storage for long term storage

Looking to secure your data to detect threats in real-time? Our solutions provide an awesome out of box experience.