Product & Solutions

Log Storage and Analysis

  • Continuous collection of telemetry data from servers, desktops, laptops, and other devices around the clock.

  • Enables organizations to collect data from unlimited endpoints in real-time.

  • Provide actionable insights to SOC and GRC teams.

Cloud Service Monitoring

  • Pulls event data related to administration or access from cloud service providers.

  • Contextualizes the event data with other available sources such as CMDB, HR data, etc.

  • Built to gain actionable insights from high frequency, high volume data.

Asset Reconcililtion

  • Identifies the application an asset belongs to or the application owner or finds errors in asset allocation in CMDB.

  • Gathers information required for a compliance reason.

  • Asset Discovery is executed based on the event data that comes to the platform.

Identity Reconciliation

  • Deals with discovering existing accounts, the account aliases, and the account privileges.

  • Insights that help to check security hygiene, or worse, to investigate an unfortunate data breach event.

  • Normalizes the event data and enriches it with user information independent of their account alias

VPN Analytics Solution

  • Restricts the misuse of VPN connections.

  • Monitors and Analyzes VPN data feed in real-time.

  • Finds out potential anomalies in a Virtual Private Network

DLP (Data Loss Protection) Solution

  • Prevents users from sensitive information based on file contents.

  • Provides contextual information for forensic investigation in case of an unfortunate case of a data leak.

  • Provides insights by gathering information from various data sources.

Process Description

  • Allows to define a data model and extract the relevant data points from the raw data format.

  • Rule engine allows you trigger certain actions such as sending out an email notification or create a case if a condition is met as the data arrives.

  • Provides a powerful search platform that every SOC (Security Operation Center) team requires – threat hunting and scheduled reports.

Professional Services

  • Plan, design, and go live with technical consultants.

  • Continuous support to keep your system up and running.

  • Design and development security use cases that are unique for your business.


  • Training to accelerate the adoption of the Avalanchio platform and reduce the learning curve.

  • Educates your SOC analysts on the common security practices and latest developments.

  • Enabling analysts to use the product with confidence and effective manner.

Security Data Hub

  • Gives a holistic view to any Information Security group along with other groups.

  • Detects any Cyber Security related threats.

  • Meets the requirements for Audits, Compliance, Regulatory and Cyber Threat Hunting.