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DLP (Data Loss Protection) Solution

Companies are under persistent threat of leaks of valuable data such as intellectual property (IP), personally identifiable information (PII), etc., from outside the company network and insiders. Advanced DLP tools prevent a user from sensitive information based on file contents. Such files can be hundreds of different formats, e.g., word, excel, zip, etc. However, such tools are not built to provide contextual information for forensic investigation in case of an unfortunate case of a data leak. Avalanchio provides this insight by gathering information from various data sources.

Data Source

  • File storage logs

  • S3 logs

  • SAN logs

  • Digital Guardian Agent

  • Symantec DLP Agent

  • MacAfee DLP agent

Input Data

  • Access logs

  • File copy

  • CD/DVD burn

  • Network transfer

  • Uploads

  • Send Mail

  • Removable media usage (USB, SD card)

Solution Deliverables

  • Common data model for DLP

  • Live reports and dashboard

  • Data egress (data exfiltration) to Third party websites Suspicious network target Removable media Suspicious domain Unknown asset

  • Abnormal data transfers (threshold based)

  • Suspicious file transfer (e.g. visio, pst, source code)

  • Transfer to non-DNS domain (whitelists)

  • Link Analysis

  • Timeline View