Security Data Hub

Avalanchio SAAS – Security Data Hub

In Cyber security, we deal with several hundreds of Security products and other mainstream data sets; many of these products generate a high volume of data and come in different log formats. It is essential to bring all these security-related activity data in real-time by transforming and enriching it to build a modern Security Data Hub. The key is how quickly we can get the data to this hub with minimum parsing, and depending on further requirements; we can add more parsing for new or historical data. This will also be the first step towards next-generation advanced Security Analytics. This security data hub will give a holistic view to any Information Security group along with other groups to detect any Cyber Security related threats, and this will also meet the requirements for Audits, Compliance, Regulatory and Cyber Threat Hunting. Currently, we provide security datahub on top AWS cloud.

Collect, process event logs, databases to generate standard reports
Generate alerts and incident reporting, and case management
Perform manual intervention as necessary to seek remediation in liaison with the customer
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